Evergreen Resident uses CPR to save family memember
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Evergreen Resident uses CPR to save family memember

On Monday, April 23, 2012, local Evergreen resident Kate Delles was with her brother Tim and her sister Susan, visiting brother Brian and his wife Laurie in Bentonville, Arkansas.

That evening shortly after Kate and her family sat down for a delicious dinner of grilled steak, salad, and baked potatoes, Tim, who is disabled, got a piece of steak caught deep in his throat. When he was unable to dislodge it himself, Brian unsuccessfully attempted the heimlich maneuver on Tim, by then Tim was unconscious and turning blue.

Using C.P.R. steps, she was taught by Evergreen paramedic David Montesi two years ago, while her sister called 911. Kate was able to restore Tim’s breathing by the time the paramedics arrived.

Later, in a hospital, Tim was unable to recall any of the event, but his chest was very sore. Kate states that she had been tempted not to renew her certification because she was “sure she’d never have to use it.” Now she knows better.

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